twenty fourteen


so here's the thing: happy new year (15 days late :P)
the beginning of the year is always so utterly exciting. thinking ahead i imagine all the 'first times' i will have, all the new people i will meet, the new music i will listen to, all the challenges i will face...and overcome. i think about how my existing friendships will change and develop and how i will grow in character as a person.

i really do hope to become 'better' every year. to become healthier and fitter, more confident within myself and more steadfast in my convictions. i want to grow in patience and optimism. i want to be a better daughter, sister, friend, diver, daughter of the King, marine biologist and adventurer.
i want to become a bit more mature, but not grow up. i hope to save my cash dollars, but give away alot more.
i hope to worry less. to trust the Lord more.
i'm going to run a half marathon.maybe more than one :)
i want to watch with glittering eyes; because the greatest secrets are hidden in the most unlikely places and those who dont believe in magic will never find it (roald dahl).

standing at the cliff of what will be my last year of studying (for the moment anyway), my last year of living at home (hopefully), my last year of preparation before some tropical, warm water, banana leaf, world saving adventure-fills me to the brim with butterflies.

this is definitely a year to make memories so bright and technicoloured that they put last year to shame.

i am beyond excited. you better be too :)



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