and then you remember

it's a perfectly calm, contented day today. a slight breeze, clear skies, subtle humming noises. minds are at ease, bodies relaxed, smiles soft.
it's meant to be a day of serenity and repose, where clean, fresh washing is slowly drying and blowing in the breeze and the occasional hibiscus bloom falls from the tree.
it isn't an adventure day so to speak-not in the exciting 'pocket-handkerchief-packed-lunch-sea-gypsy-wetsuit-bright-music-lots-of-friends' sort of way. No, instead it is more of an 'adventure-remembering' day.

Like that time we wandered through the jungle down to the sea, where we swam, dived under waves and were kissed by the sun. Where we wore hats and ate frozen yoghurt. Or the time we found the secret garden, made exciting summer lunches and scrambled up the mountain to watch the sunset and the moon rise.
yes, today is a remembering sort of day.
And it is quite lovely to be able to go about your beautiful, yet slightly more ordinary business remembering those adventures-knowing that there are endless more waiting to be grasped.

Simply not today. X








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