faces and spaces (part I)

i am a lucky girl. one of the luckiest. the faces and spaces that i encounter everyday are some of the most beautiful in the world. it overwhelms me so very often. these are just a few of them :)(<code)

meet my cubicle (perk of being a postgrad :P). she has nice light, fresh air,some underwater plants and a whole lot of pinterest pictures!

shona: radiant, selfless, so utterly diligent. always always smiling. prone to giggle fits. has an amusing caterpillar phobia :)

our university avenue! crossed multiple times a day (usually on tea bound expeditions)

dan the man!!! keen adventurer. admirer of beauty. ALWAYS keen ALWAYS involved ALWAYS game. not easily embarrassed. never dull to be around:)

stairs descended daily.

gabe: impecable taste (especially in music and attire). BIG smile. diverse interests. witty. patient. hairy. the best possible mate :)

my desk at home -not much work takes place in this space ;)

ange (left): inately creative and green. deeply passionate about the environment. a total foodie and fellow pinterest addict :)

sarah (right): gorgeous smile. baking goddess! jammie buddy. coziest hugger of all times :)

road crossed daily. so comforting to be welcomed home by this beautiful mountain at the end of every day.

IZ!!! the jol of ANY and EVERY occassion. one of the funniest people i know. tanned. supple. unnatural obsession with boy bands :)

Beyond privelaged to call these people my friends.
Beyond privelaged to call these places home.


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