Born free

voting day thoughts:

It's funny how we associate freedom with leaving home. Especially since South African's can only refer to our beloved country  as 'home' BECAUSE of our freedom.

OUR freedom. Everyone. All who were born in South Africa. 20 years. It still gives me goosebumps, hopefully it always will.

Election day seems peaceful, reverend, contemplative, filled with gratitude. Even the weather-the calm sea, lack of wind and the magnificent tumbling clouds seem mindful of the fact that on this day, 2 decades ago and every 4 years since, we make history. The magnitude does not escapes me.

I share South Africa with a generation of democratic babies, who haven't experienced segregation and apart-ness in the legally enforced way our parents generation did. I am part of a generation who has the privelage of living on the legacies built by Madiba, Biko, Luthuli and others.

The cost of Zuma's compound, the silly things Malema says, the people Helen Zille kisses-today they are shadowed by the fact that WE are free, WE are home and WE got to vote.

IMG_20140507_114121 IMG_20140507_114201 IMG_20140507_114319





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