could be.

it could be many things. the reason for my current state of bliss. it could be the summer pj's that I am wearing for the first time since last summer. it could be the clean, crisp, gloriously smelling sheets that are rubbing up my smooth legs. it could be the smell of suncream that has been stuck to my face all day. or the fact that spending a week studying soil isn't half as bad as one might expect. it could be the still warm air that smells a bit like cooling charcoal and leftover braai meat. or the fact that I got to hug my sister twice in three days (she doesn't live close by). it could be the stiff, aching muscles that I have from good solid exercise. or the wonderful new music my best mates keep sending me. or maybe the fresh orange flavoured rooibos tea i just made. it could be the signs of spring that are becoming more frequent. or new ventures that are being undertaken with friends.

it could be many things. yes indeed it could. x






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