5yr plan?

People love asking questions about future plans. Especially if you've just graduated. But no one asks me questions that I know the answers to. I'm still working out how I plan on saving the oceans and 'living in spitting distance of the sea' doesn't seem to satisfy 'where do you see yourself in 5 years?'.

Why hasn't anyone asked me what I want my life to SOUND like? (Like this: Animals by Baths and this: Bourgeois by Co.Fee). Or what I want my lifestyle to FEEL like? (here we go: Billabong x Oracle Fox). Why doesn't anyone want to know about the delicious monsters and banana leaves that are going to infest the gardens of my little paradise or find out about the extensive balcony that will house all the wetsuits, surfboards and dive gear? No one's asked about the wooden window shutters or the mix matched pottery that will make up the crockery.

It seems a pity, because my dreams have known the answers to those questions for many years :)






I do hope you get to dream about a fun future too my dear sea gypsies :)


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