DCIM101GOPROgreetings dear ones.

You should know....

that i am...

  • utterly and completely in love with the ocean, what's in it and who made it.
  • a graduate of Marine Biology from the University of Cape Town
  • always up for an adventure!
  • not a very good or particularly coordinated surfer, but never lacking enthusiasm :)
  •  totally into all things homegrown and from Cape Town
  • sure that a cup of tea, treadmill and the sea can make most things better
  •  almost, but hopefuly never totally grown up.

that i have....

  • a cat,emily and a wooden statue, gus. we are very happy together :)
  • my commercial class 4 diving license....saying that is never going to get old :D
  • that i have a second home at the aquarium; with all the diving, people and animals and that many of my best memories are at that special place
  • a love for taking old clothes and turning them into something beautiful
  • so much more than i deserve.

i hope to live a life that fulfills and embodies my passions, glorifies the one who gave them to me and allows me to be a sea gypsy.

so here's to living by the currents, planning by the tides and following the sun :) IMG_20140816_172828


5 thoughts on “salutations

    1. oh my goodness-that such an honour and totally amazing!!!!! i look forward to answering the questions and spreading the sunshine :D
      THANK YOU!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

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