5yr plan?

People love asking questions about future plans. Especially if you've just graduated. But no one asks me questions that I know the answers to. I'm still working out how I plan on saving the oceans and 'living in spitting distance of the sea' doesn't seem to satisfy 'where do you see yourself in 5 years?'.

Why hasn't anyone asked me what I want my life to SOUND like? (Like this: Animals by Baths and this: Bourgeois by Co.Fee). Or what I want my lifestyle to FEEL like? (here we go: Billabong x Oracle Fox). Why doesn't anyone want to know about the delicious monsters and banana leaves that are going to infest the gardens of my little paradise or find out about the extensive balcony that will house all the wetsuits, surfboards and dive gear? No one's asked about the wooden window shutters or the mix matched pottery that will make up the crockery.

It seems a pity, because my dreams have known the answers to those questions for many years :)






I do hope you get to dream about a fun future too my dear sea gypsies :)


sea days

favourite day of the week: tuesdays. the day that is specially set aside for the ocean.
sea bee comes to rescue me from the labs and we escape with haste and excitement to our best blue most wonderful friend.
sometimes she's calm and clear. sometimes there's swell-beautiful swell. other times its misty and unpredictable. but at all times-she's a refuge-from work and stress and worry. salt water to clear the head...and all nasal passages.
we surf her, dive her, snorkel her, jump into her, run out of her when its cold!, bodyboard her, watch her, swim in her, forecast her behaviour. most of all-we appreciate, enjoy and respect her.
its the adventures of sea bee and sea gypsy along the oceans of the cape peninsula.
and there are many more to come-trust you me ;)










sea glass

i think its cool. something that in essence is evidence of pollution, addiction and poverty can be made so pretty by the sea.
tumbled in the waves, scratched by shells and sand, the sharp edges are worn away and shiny pieces of glass become little matted pseudo pebbles.
spewn out by the ocean, buried in the sand-these imperfect & beautiful little treasures sit, waiting for eager hands to find them .


an endless summer

and just like that: with a bit of packing,some last minute sorting and a bit of aeroplane food, we're home.
and the feeling has never been more glorious. i cannot describe how insanely happy my heart is :D
since arriving back i have cleared out my wardrobe and put up my new 'endless summer' poster :) we've had an amazing family braai and watched old movies. been to the beach....twice :) got restarted on that tan, spent the day with my amazing friends: smuts and sims. i've eaten grapes, watermelon and ice cream.
i didnt think it was possible to love cape town anymore than i already did, but i completely do. i love the chilled people. i love going into the store and not being overwhelmed by the choices availible. i love that everything seems sunny and happy. and i love that today was the perfect summer day and that it has become the perfect summers night.
goodnight sea gypsies, lets dream of a never-ending summer :)



blue and bluer

it doesnt quite feel real. the vacating. the being done with 2nd year. the 3 month vac. the "quick little trip" to the UK tomorrow.
yesterday and today have been a dream. with every little thing that happened i've just felt grateful and blessed. for so many things. but most overwhelmingly = for my friends. goodness i have the best! i truly feel honoured and astounded to have the beautiful mates that i do.

so post exam celebrations involved: gopro and beach. sea bee. snorkels and clear water. blasting music and special summer songs. braais under fairylights and lots of friends. late night series and early morning sunrises on the beach. bacon and eggs outside. carribean coffee. dreaming about the future.

i however have still not quite comprehended that this time tomorrow i'll be taking a ride on a big jet plane.
and i need to pack.
so here dear sea gypsies is my new best friend the gopro. these pics arent in HD yet-still havent worked out the whole software thing.
you check them out whilst i work out how to pack my homemade hair spray and "sprout maker".