quite typically i am 5 days behind.
but...happy december!!!
this truly is the most magical time of the year.
the carols in the shops, fete's and christmas markets that happen in every city wide church, the summer rain, the days of endless sunshine and the smell of mincepies. kirstenbosch concerts, hallmark movies and the way cape town braces herself for the slew of people that will occupy her shores over christmas and new year.
so-lets wrap those presents and plan those parties :)




sprinklers in the sea

the ocean was everyones playground today. it was a spontaneous party. no one was invited but everyone was present.the whales were particularly flirty-so many of them.with fits of excitement they were releasing little explosions of white vapour-everywhere. misty fireworks. like sprinklers in the sea. there were shadows, formed by the paragliders, cutting the otherwise un-interrupted sunshine.khayakers sliced through the blue blue water, contouring the coast by sea and us runners were mirroring them on land.
there were longboarders doing tricks in the parking lot- ocean hipsters with white blonde curls, faded levi cutoffs and old maritime tommy hilfiger shirts. there were cyclists, swimmers, surfers. jugglers, ice-cream sellers, bodyboarders.
everyone seemed happy and content. brightly coloured running shoes were like birthday balloons on the coast road, high fives and smiles were exchanged between passing runners, like celebratory greetings and wishes.
on a day like this when inside sunshine has been a struggle to come by, when one is lost inside ones head- the dear atlantic seabord came to the rescue. she gave us sea breezes and rays of light. she threw a party. she showed me how its inhabitants can appreciate and love her-utilise and still respect her. she passed out a hug, she lifted them spirits- promising to celebrate for real in just 2 short days. xxx

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nightime in cape town

like with absolutely everything else, the smells in summer become more vibrant and magical than at any other time of the year.
as the sun sets, warmth lingers in the air and mixes with the fresh ocean breeze and sweet flower scents.
under the orange tree in the back garden blossoms welcome your nose to this: the most wonderful, happy and exciting of all seasons.
the 'wake me up' tropical blue body wash, the staysoft on summer pj's, the smell of clean sheets, lemon/mint rooibos tea and the outside breeze drifting in------>all these beautiful smells quite literally make my insides giggle with happiness and take my mind to the magical land where it dreams sweetly.
may the smell of a cape town night in early summer do the same for you :)


the sounds of helicopters

there are a certain number of left over 'summer days' that capetown keeps in her pocket at the end of the sunshine season. she stores them away for the depths of winter, knowing that the poor ct souls dont deal with her absence too well. every now and again-she'll play her cards.
these days smell like flowers and sea. the 'yesterday,today,tomorrow' kind of flower and the fresh, salty sea.
they sound like helicopters in the pastel blue sky, birds chirping, buzzing bees and the sound of distant laughter as people are walking, swimming, driving, hiking and mowing their lawns.
it feels like contentment-everything slow, chilled,appreciated and beautiful.
it looks like Bougainvillea's in the garden, coffee's on camps bay main road and sandy feet.
it tastes like pineapple in the garden, pistachio ice cream and homemade lemonade.

its all round good and makes me dream about the days when ct will play her warm sunny cards everyday :)





and then it was autumn.

autumn is upon us.
and it is soo beautiful. as we speak, a giant wave of white, sweetiepie-like cloud is rushing over signal hill and filling the city bowl-with the light of the sunset reflecting off it. and can we please talk about the MOON!-how insanely huge and full has it been these last few days-illuminating the still, royal blue sky.
and goodness-THE LEAVES! the leaves are all at different stages of sunshine tones-making each tree look like a big bowl of warmth :) and uct!-the buildings have morphed into walls of red and the sunrises are making the sleepiest person glad they got up for 8 o'clocks :)
yes-it is an incredible season.
so my dearest lovely seagypsies-whilst we were made for summer, shorts and frozen yoghurt-embrace this opportunity to wear stockings and cardigans, to drink tea and eat butternut soup and to take long walks by the sea as the mist rolls in.








little ants in the alleys

wednesday 20.02.13:
frangipani in hair
leather "skoene" on feet
bourgeois-co.fee in ears
puffy clouds and sunshine
side streets in town
ants walking up the walls
flowers everywhere
watermelon & tea
working in the shadow of a tree
happy half-way-through-the-week to you all :)


secrets from a cape town kid, part III

this is one of the millions of things i love about cape town:
after a beautiful spell of warm, sun-drenched, windless summer heat you get this thing that happens...the fog horn blows. it feels like the city slows down ever so slightly, a beautiful blanket of white marshmallowy cloud peeks over lions head and wraps it up nice and cozy. the sun hitting it from the otherside where the front hasnt reached yet.it slowly spreads down into the city bowl-not a cold intense front, but just enough to let you put on your light knit sweater and tights. just enough to make you want to sit out on the balcony, watching the cloud roll in with tea and a cupcake from "lady cupcake" . its the perfect weather for a walk-in the forest below table mountain where little wisps of cloud get caught between the pine trees or along the promenade-where its super misty, mysterious and the air is drenched with ocean. and even up here, above the city, the smell of sea reaches and mingles with the scent of frangipani from the garden. its my favourite favourite thing :) because it usually means that the next day is going to start in a hoody and comfy shoes and end with a surf on perfect NW waves that are the berg. happy sigh :)