quite typically i am 5 days behind.
but...happy december!!!
this truly is the most magical time of the year.
the carols in the shops, fete's and christmas markets that happen in every city wide church, the summer rain, the days of endless sunshine and the smell of mincepies. kirstenbosch concerts, hallmark movies and the way cape town braces herself for the slew of people that will occupy her shores over christmas and new year.
so-lets wrap those presents and plan those parties :)




seduced by art

once upon a cloudy cold winter day, two young ladies got dressed up. Heels, hats and pretty dresses. With ease and direction they headed into town to see paintings from days long ago. Gazing into Monets "Thames below Westminster", the 2 girls found themeselves living the painting-walking along the southbank market, drinking hot chocolate, eating fudge, listening to the '12 Days of Christmas' and watching the lights from Big Ben flicker across the water.
thames below westminister monet2012-12-18 17.35.45

they fell back out of the picture in a Mary Poppins fashion and carried on gazing through the artwork. Not long after, they found another painting they admired. Holding hands the girls took a deep breath and jumped into Renoir's "Lady at the Theatre". Magically they found themselves outside the Queens Theatre in London's West End, with tickets to Les Mis. The young ladies were completely invested and enthralled in the performances, the incredible music and the atmosphere of the longest running show in the West End. They're minds had been completely blown away.

renoir-the-first-outing2012-12-18 18.41.12
2012-12-18 19.12.072012-12-18 19.11.40

Sleepily staring out the tube windows on the way home, the young ladies smiled, having spent the day being seduced by art.

chapter II

so the two gypsies went down south with their suitcases. they spent their mornings sleeping in, going for long runs in the woodlands and reading in bed. their afternoons were spent exploring the old town, looking for treasures in charity stores, finding woodland creatures, making flower crowns and drinking endless cups of tea. evenings and nights were filled with christmas movies and pj's, popcorn and learning to knit. they noted that umbrella's, gloves and beanies were essential items on any outing; and that singing jungle book songs whilst walking to town was indeed quite fun.they found that the pigeons were quite huge and the internet rather slow. the gypsies enjoyed their time out of the city, but were starting to get quite excited about all the adventures that london town and christmas cheer were going to bring in the fast approaching chapter III.

london town

it has taken me less than a day to remember that london is pretty much the most magical city.
grey cloudy skies somehow suit this city full of chimneys, brick walls and bright yellow leaves.
so day one was pretty exciting, it included borough market-which is the coolest most diverse food market ever. has some top notch coffee and the biggest paellas i've ever seen! we also walked along south themes and checked out the christmas market: CRAZY FESTIVE! fairy lights, live music, street performers, mulled wine, christmas wreaths and crafty stalls. views of big ben,london eye and millenium bridge.
i cant help but think that the next 6 weeks are going to be the most festive-magical-celebratory ones. oohh it makes me excited.
sleep well sea gyspies

an unexpected adventure

christmas lights.
peter pan statue.
shopping in oxford street.
nigella christmas baking.
ice skating.
decorated trees.
christmas markets.

yup. this summer loving, ocean dependent sea gypsy is going to be in winter drenched London town for 6 weeks!
leaving in 9 days!
its all very last minute and unexpected, and slightly overwhelming. but its an adventure :D
Hopefully a wonderful one :)

the most wonderful time

                         indeed, this is the most wonderful time of the year :)

christmas music playing everywhere.fairy lights sparkling up dark, beauftiful nights. Nigella’s indulgent Christmas Kitchen.christmas cookies and mincepies EVERYWHERE! overflowing fridges.oven always on.baking.no guilt in eating as much as you want.

old christmas movies.dreaming up creative present ideas.christmas stocking and trees.   christmas parties with friends.dressing up.little presents in crackers and jokes :)

“Empty manger, perfect stranger, about to be born. Into darkness, sadness, desperate madness, creation so torn. We were so lost on earth, no peace, no worth.
no way to escape. In fear, no faith, no hope, no grace ,and no light
but that was the night before Christmas.Warm hay, cold sweat, a mother, not yet.
Praying godspeed the dawn. She looks to her man, holding her hand. They wonder how long. And the shepherds, wise men come to find them, and bow to a king.
One star above shining on love, so bright it lit up the night before Christmas.”

“And the world didn’t know, redemption was sweet and so strong. And the world didn’t know salvation was writing a song, the night before Christmas.”