pearly et al.

just one week. i'd swear it was a month.
i got to go to pearly beach with my family-i'm just going to put it out there that pearly beach sort of changed my life.
i cannot describe the ocean. that feeling you get when you can see the swell build up and you watch it break into the most beautiful wave-seriously all you can do is throw your hands up and giggle with excitement and grins.then spend the next hours bodyboarding and diving under waves-trying to do such insane creation justice.
otherwise i've really loved seeing old friends and making new ones-i've had quite a bit of that these last weeks. and it excites me :)
but life is good my dear sea gypsies-not just because good and amazing things are happening. but because i'm daily falling more in love with the one that is making it good-and its pretty incredible.



have some green tea with honey and dream sweetly tonight dear seagypsies xxx


an endless summer

and just like that: with a bit of packing,some last minute sorting and a bit of aeroplane food, we're home.
and the feeling has never been more glorious. i cannot describe how insanely happy my heart is :D
since arriving back i have cleared out my wardrobe and put up my new 'endless summer' poster :) we've had an amazing family braai and watched old movies. been to the beach....twice :) got restarted on that tan, spent the day with my amazing friends: smuts and sims. i've eaten grapes, watermelon and ice cream.
i didnt think it was possible to love cape town anymore than i already did, but i completely do. i love the chilled people. i love going into the store and not being overwhelmed by the choices availible. i love that everything seems sunny and happy. and i love that today was the perfect summer day and that it has become the perfect summers night.
goodnight sea gypsies, lets dream of a never-ending summer :)



just another day in paradise

do you remember those perfect summer days? where you wake up to the light streaming into your room at 6am with a fresh breeze from the window? when there were strawberries and pineapples in the fridge and all the doors and windows were open? when you lay outside for hours in the sunshine and cooled off with laps in the bright fresh pool? where the earth would smell sweet after you'd water it and the sky salty and cool after the sun had gone down? where you had beautiful cocktails with friends and salad dinners outside with the family? where you could feel the warmth of the tar radiating from the ground and where your towel only takes a few minutes to dry on the line? where the evenings were so contented and peaceful, soundtracked by sleepy guinea fowl after days filled with excitement and activity. days where you dont eat it unless there's something fruity or green inside and dont drink it without ice or a straw.
such have been the last few days, and thankfully not to much remembering was required.
thank you cape town.

leaving nothing but footprints,killing nothing but time

ladies and gentlemen.
the family vacated.
oh yeah- all 4 of the nobles :D
wildernis. vic bay. knysna.
hiking. canoeing. running. reading. markets. sunshine. braai's. friends. tea. family time. beach.
was pretty fantastic.

and on the byline...welcome home miss c. noble- excited to be listening to lots of hindie and tamil music, seeing all the thousands of photos (seriously-thousands.) drinking green tea, doing henna and wearing all those beautiful sparkly earrings and all those amazingly colourful clothes :D



hello and goodbye

its been a few days of both. i got to say hello to 2 new very exciting articles of personal possession. namely a ukulele and a new surfboard :D
Both are providing much entertainment.
but there was also a goodbye. our german shepeard "Xander" went to doggy heaven this week. its both sad and weird-you dont realise how much something is part of a family until it is gone.
on that note, just 3 more sleeps till the little sister returns!!!
good night.

for my lil sis

dearest charissa evelyn curry pip noble,

it’s your birthday today :) 19 is a good year!

i just wanted to make sure that you know how much i love you. with each year as we get older, i get more and more excited to have you as a sister.

i love [almost] everything about you. your sensitivity toward people, your creative nature-so evident in your artwork and designs, your freaky-i’ve-gone-insane-persona ( i think it runs in the family) which usually involves dodgy accents, big eyes and strange hair-do’s.and i definitely love your fashion sense…especially since most of it involves hurley and element!

i love how we can have adventures together. anything from sunset walks on camps bay to marcels on the pier, anthropological adventures to agatha christie murder mystery marathons.

i hope today was filled with millions of little special moments and even though i didn’t get to hug you in person, know that i did in my heart the whole day.

                                                             ich liebe dich :)


“sister to sister we will always be, a couple of nuts off the family tree.”

all my love, canterberry



my family holiday’ed :D

oh yeah-lots of fun :) we stayed in brenton-on-sea.ocean on the one side, lagoon on the other!!!

our house was like a tropical forest-with huge trees,overgrown plants, millions of birds, vines, tangled ivy and even buck on occasion. every morning you would wake up and hear the sea and only have to walk a couple minutes to be submerged in its epic colour!

a holiday filled with lying in the sun, eating pasta and litchi’s, reading,drinking kahlua fudge coffee, listening to birds, early morning runs, lazy walks, cem supp studying (hmm), sunset picnics and collecting shells with my crazy family is definitely a good one :)

new sea gypsy creation….


pretty flower pictures taken by my sister, charissa and her new camera ;)