a discription of spring:

"It is the sun shining on the rain and the rain falling on the sunshine" (as found by my lil sis charis-from the Secret Garden). lately though, it has seemed more like the rain falling on the sunshine than the other way round. but thats ok. cause the days are getting longer, the essay has been handed in, the chances of adventure are ever growing and the anticipation of summer is half the fun :)
in the mean time-we eat purple carrots, wear our beanies and keep going,we run the last stretch, see the good around us and try to bless those around us and be sunshine to them.
















week 19

this is week 19 of 2013 folks. and i am a bit scared to get it started. it is definitely going to be a "one-day-at-a-time" "keep-swimming" 'breath-in-and-out" sort of week. but we still need balance-cant be completely consumed with the deadlines. so this is what i propose:

-buy a fern. i want one in my room.

-cuddle em's: the near death survivor and recovering feline.

-read a book that gets you excited about heaven

-pick a person a day and make them happy by doing something thoughtful and suprising for them. 1 person a day.

-listen to 'radical face'

-sit straight and stretch

-lets try for mermaid's hair

-be grateful and thankful. there are so many reasons to be.

-breath deep whenever you can be outside in the fresh air

-run. as often as you can-even if its just up and down the road.

-be gutsy! we're still going with that.

we can do this thing! xxx 9c34f2a6c072c8ad6435fa4925d87eaf  9f9b9ed02f08b956f988d085cc87d424  45e3c802d8e621612f53579feb327a3f


i've been daydreaming and thinking back-back to one of my favourites spots in the uk. its a woodland. there are vines growing up the trees and all along the ground, a trampled pathway gives guidance to the runner. the trees are huge and skinny-leaves have all fallen down to gently create a carpet of colour between the ivy on the ground. i used to run there almost every day- with the sounds of ellie goulding and al bairre in my ears. i could almost see the magical creatures peeking their eyes out, whilst wearing paper crowns. i used to join them sometimes- in my head-making my own flower crown and little boats out of wood. at times i miss them and wish they were here-quickly though i stop myself, when i realise that they are ;) xxx






some of my favourite things:
my flower crown :)
pasta salad picnics
those 3 girls
warm summer afternoons
lying on grass
being lazy
good ol' local music in the form of:
holiday murray
jeremy loops

yep-i was a happy chappy at this, one of the last kirstenbosch summer concerts of the summer.
cant wait till next years ones!!!

happy weekend dear seagypsies!



little ants in the alleys

wednesday 20.02.13:
frangipani in hair
leather "skoene" on feet
bourgeois-co.fee in ears
puffy clouds and sunshine
side streets in town
ants walking up the walls
flowers everywhere
watermelon & tea
working in the shadow of a tree
happy half-way-through-the-week to you all :)


on the flip side

my dear sea gypsies.
1 more test and the term is done.
and then, off to the cederberg for 10 days-FIELDTRIP! woop woop!
so-wont be around for a while.
in the mean time, here are some picture to keep you on track :)

keep living by the currents and following the sun


this evening, the air is warm-like summer, and filled all around with the smell of 'yesterday, today and tomorrows'. the beautiful, fruity, perfume like summer smell is everywhere.
and if you close your eyes and simply breath in, it's not hard to imagine that you've just come back from a night time adventure on the beach with shorts and warm jerseys, a runny nose and sandy toes. that you had a wonderful warm shower and are clean and fresh, lying under cozy sheets and furiously planning those many holiday adventures, which will be upon us...only this time tomorrow.
lekker slaapies