could be.

it could be many things. the reason for my current state of bliss. it could be the summer pj's that I am wearing for the first time since last summer. it could be the clean, crisp, gloriously smelling sheets that are rubbing up my smooth legs. it could be the smell of suncream that has been stuck to my face all day. or the fact that spending a week studying soil isn't half as bad as one might expect. it could be the still warm air that smells a bit like cooling charcoal and leftover braai meat. or the fact that I got to hug my sister twice in three days (she doesn't live close by). it could be the stiff, aching muscles that I have from good solid exercise. or the wonderful new music my best mates keep sending me. or maybe the fresh orange flavoured rooibos tea i just made. it could be the signs of spring that are becoming more frequent. or new ventures that are being undertaken with friends.

it could be many things. yes indeed it could. x






she smiled. she smiled again. she laughed.

la la la.
I slept late this morning.
had a breakfast of raw oats and strong coffee on the balcony overlooking the city on this beautiful june day.
i put on my funky headband (thanks sah) and drove around the preeeeettty neighbourhood taking pictures of trees and cool houses. just because i can.
i ran under the mountain-did some little spontaneous dances in between.
wetsuit and board are packed into car.
the birds are chirping, belle & sebastian are playing, the sun is shining and my heart is smiling.
i tell you what-this vacation is going to be INCREDIBLE!!!!
watch this space for blog posts about turtles, party pants, saltwater dialogues and exciting holiday adventures :)
yay for holidays :)






week 19

this is week 19 of 2013 folks. and i am a bit scared to get it started. it is definitely going to be a "one-day-at-a-time" "keep-swimming" 'breath-in-and-out" sort of week. but we still need balance-cant be completely consumed with the deadlines. so this is what i propose:

-buy a fern. i want one in my room.

-cuddle em's: the near death survivor and recovering feline.

-read a book that gets you excited about heaven

-pick a person a day and make them happy by doing something thoughtful and suprising for them. 1 person a day.

-listen to 'radical face'

-sit straight and stretch

-lets try for mermaid's hair

-be grateful and thankful. there are so many reasons to be.

-breath deep whenever you can be outside in the fresh air

-run. as often as you can-even if its just up and down the road.

-be gutsy! we're still going with that.

we can do this thing! xxx 9c34f2a6c072c8ad6435fa4925d87eaf  9f9b9ed02f08b956f988d085cc87d424  45e3c802d8e621612f53579feb327a3f

yam backwards is may.


i do hope that you are gutsy and brave this month. that you work your hardest and take some risks. that you over indulge in all things flavoured coconut and that you find yourself some 2nd hand cuddle-jerseys. i hope that you spend more time in the sea than you were expecting to and that you discover something new that makes you happy.i hope you reach that seemingly elusive goal and that a new friendship blossoms.
and may you eat a yam ;)

the best day.

i think birthdays are the coolest days ever. not because of one momentous thing that happends during the day, but rather because of the millions of little things that do. the big hugs and sweet messages, the cards made from leaves and the many cupcakes! the friend who buys you coffee, and the ones that are along for the excitement of the day. your favourite faces all in the same space and the opportunity to be in your favourite places, the beautiful sunshine and windless day. the excuse you have to manipulate your mates into doing random things and the way you feel so special when they rally together to get you a special present. its the constant smiling and the packages from overseas. and for sure its dancing into the early morning of the next exciting year in your life.





















happy happy dear seagypsies :)

“can you feel the sun?”

ok. so first give these songs a listen to. "kill your heroes" and "washing over me" -because i like me a good summer soundtrack :) sometimes i have too much goodstuff in my head. you know? and then all you can do is grin and bounce around and make silly faces. i've been doing a load of grinning :D
it just seems like every thing that happens and is experienced is a beautiful, exciting, salty and colourful sundrenched thing. maybe its just all the mangos ;)
making neon beaded bracelets
creating mix tapes for the car
singing/headbanging to the afore mentioned mix tape in the car with open windows.
living in a wetsuit.
going diving while dolphins are doing tumbles out of the water.
having wet hair more often than not.
talking about turtle research.
doing turtle research.
wearing all my party pants.
eating mangos. lots of mangos.
being with wonderful special absolutely lovely mates.
going running in the shadow of the most beautiful mountain in the world.
going to sleep with the cool summer night breeze.
late dinners on the balcony.
submerged sundays with goldfish at st.yves
it makes me happy. all of it.
its just stellar.






[] [] []

there are weeks, every now and again, that you wont forget. weeks where big things happen, changes come about and your mind is slightly blown away. i had one of them weeks :)
i got a job.
i bought a book called "between the tides" by george hughes about turtle research in south africa.
i did 11 dives in 5 days.
i had braais, ice creams, roasted marshmallows and walks by the sea with incredible friends.
i got the opportunity to do a pre honours project on turtles this year at the aquarium :D
i went snorkling, swimming and dyed my shorts purple and turquoise.
i watched the hobbit.
i danced with my special friend, around the couch, to loud music, until we were too tired.
it was a pretty stellar week :)
happy weekend seagypsies!






2013-01-14 18.06.22

i'm sorry about the watermark in the corner of the photos-they are from my sis and i cant get rid of them :/