she smiled. she smiled again. she laughed.

la la la.
I slept late this morning.
had a breakfast of raw oats and strong coffee on the balcony overlooking the city on this beautiful june day.
i put on my funky headband (thanks sah) and drove around the preeeeettty neighbourhood taking pictures of trees and cool houses. just because i can.
i ran under the mountain-did some little spontaneous dances in between.
wetsuit and board are packed into car.
the birds are chirping, belle & sebastian are playing, the sun is shining and my heart is smiling.
i tell you what-this vacation is going to be INCREDIBLE!!!!
watch this space for blog posts about turtles, party pants, saltwater dialogues and exciting holiday adventures :)
yay for holidays :)







pearly et al.

just one week. i'd swear it was a month.
i got to go to pearly beach with my family-i'm just going to put it out there that pearly beach sort of changed my life.
i cannot describe the ocean. that feeling you get when you can see the swell build up and you watch it break into the most beautiful wave-seriously all you can do is throw your hands up and giggle with excitement and grins.then spend the next hours bodyboarding and diving under waves-trying to do such insane creation justice.
otherwise i've really loved seeing old friends and making new ones-i've had quite a bit of that these last weeks. and it excites me :)
but life is good my dear sea gypsies-not just because good and amazing things are happening. but because i'm daily falling more in love with the one that is making it good-and its pretty incredible.



have some green tea with honey and dream sweetly tonight dear seagypsies xxx

chapter II

so the two gypsies went down south with their suitcases. they spent their mornings sleeping in, going for long runs in the woodlands and reading in bed. their afternoons were spent exploring the old town, looking for treasures in charity stores, finding woodland creatures, making flower crowns and drinking endless cups of tea. evenings and nights were filled with christmas movies and pj's, popcorn and learning to knit. they noted that umbrella's, gloves and beanies were essential items on any outing; and that singing jungle book songs whilst walking to town was indeed quite fun.they found that the pigeons were quite huge and the internet rather slow. the gypsies enjoyed their time out of the city, but were starting to get quite excited about all the adventures that london town and christmas cheer were going to bring in the fast approaching chapter III.

blue and bluer

it doesnt quite feel real. the vacating. the being done with 2nd year. the 3 month vac. the "quick little trip" to the UK tomorrow.
yesterday and today have been a dream. with every little thing that happened i've just felt grateful and blessed. for so many things. but most overwhelmingly = for my friends. goodness i have the best! i truly feel honoured and astounded to have the beautiful mates that i do.

so post exam celebrations involved: gopro and beach. sea bee. snorkels and clear water. blasting music and special summer songs. braais under fairylights and lots of friends. late night series and early morning sunrises on the beach. bacon and eggs outside. carribean coffee. dreaming about the future.

i however have still not quite comprehended that this time tomorrow i'll be taking a ride on a big jet plane.
and i need to pack.
so here dear sea gypsies is my new best friend the gopro. these pics arent in HD yet-still havent worked out the whole software thing.
you check them out whilst i work out how to pack my homemade hair spray and "sprout maker".


an unexpected adventure

christmas lights.
peter pan statue.
shopping in oxford street.
nigella christmas baking.
ice skating.
decorated trees.
christmas markets.

yup. this summer loving, ocean dependent sea gypsy is going to be in winter drenched London town for 6 weeks!
leaving in 9 days!
its all very last minute and unexpected, and slightly overwhelming. but its an adventure :D
Hopefully a wonderful one :)

leaving nothing but footprints,killing nothing but time

ladies and gentlemen.
the family vacated.
oh yeah- all 4 of the nobles :D
wildernis. vic bay. knysna.
hiking. canoeing. running. reading. markets. sunshine. braai's. friends. tea. family time. beach.
was pretty fantastic.

and on the byline...welcome home miss c. noble- excited to be listening to lots of hindie and tamil music, seeing all the thousands of photos (seriously-thousands.) drinking green tea, doing henna and wearing all those beautiful sparkly earrings and all those amazingly colourful clothes :D




my family holiday’ed :D

oh yeah-lots of fun :) we stayed in brenton-on-sea.ocean on the one side, lagoon on the other!!!

our house was like a tropical forest-with huge trees,overgrown plants, millions of birds, vines, tangled ivy and even buck on occasion. every morning you would wake up and hear the sea and only have to walk a couple minutes to be submerged in its epic colour!

a holiday filled with lying in the sun, eating pasta and litchi’s, reading,drinking kahlua fudge coffee, listening to birds, early morning runs, lazy walks, cem supp studying (hmm), sunset picnics and collecting shells with my crazy family is definitely a good one :)

new sea gypsy creation….


pretty flower pictures taken by my sister, charissa and her new camera ;)