it arrived suddenly, crisp and golden like an apple

have a listen to my new playlist:

it arrived suddenly, crisp and golden like an apple

changing seasons are weird.
all things exciting and expectant that accompany this novel time are laced with uncertainty and a sad sort of mourning for what is now a mere memory.
this journey from golden skin toward golden leaves sounds a bit like this.






last of the wild ones


al bairre:tunnels -go take a listen!

you and i were the last of the wild ones.
still are really. we are just having to put our 'wild-ness' in a little paper boat and float it down the river for a short while. in the mean time we are drinking lots of coffee, studying our little brains out and having dance parties to 'riptide' and 'coasts' in the kitchen.
peace out lovelies.


i'm a cape town kid.

i come from where the mountain meets the sea.
down south we are diverse, quite eclectic, very chilled, pretty beachy and utterly proudly african.
and our tunes, they represent just that.
this is all local talent-
what cape town sounds like to me.

have a listen: homegrown

ct map

according to plan

not quite. i've recently been quite bluntly taught that it rarely happens so. our plans. they are filled with our own ambitions and dreams-and those are good. but what do we do when they dont work out? well goodness-its easy to get lost and stuck in your own head.
but then you realise, how wonderful it is that Someone else, who's plans can never fail is drawing out the pathway of your life. and our little roadbumps are just that-little twisty parts. they themselves are part of the plan :)
and then, instead of weariness you feel excited and blessed. excited about how your story will unfold and blessed because goodness, you my dear, have the most incredible and encouraging group of friends, the most wonderful family,the sunshine and sea all around you :)
and with that-here's my first summer playlist on 8tracks :)

hope it makes your ears happy xxx

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{photo from pinterest}

smiling at danger

its where the wild things are. in the woods with the man made stars peeking through. with secret stairways made from ancient widdled trees. where the inhabitants wear oversized drapery and coloured patterns to refute crypsis. where fake smiles are disguising real ones. in the little magical place where we smile at danger and dance around our imaginary campfire to the best local tunes by the best local bands.

and for those of you sea gypsies who havent caught on yet-please please please go make your ears happy and listen to cape towns best: matthew mole and al bairre

it will make you want to look for the woodland creatures and wear paper crowns ;)