a discription of spring:

"It is the sun shining on the rain and the rain falling on the sunshine" (as found by my lil sis charis-from the Secret Garden). lately though, it has seemed more like the rain falling on the sunshine than the other way round. but thats ok. cause the days are getting longer, the essay has been handed in, the chances of adventure are ever growing and the anticipation of summer is half the fun :)
in the mean time-we eat purple carrots, wear our beanies and keep going,we run the last stretch, see the good around us and try to bless those around us and be sunshine to them.
















Vit D deficiency.

my dear sea gypsies,
this is just a "hang in there" sort of post.
its raining and winding and overcast and storming and COLD!
and yes-my body is in full blown hibernation mode-not interested in much that doesn't involve food and blankets.
even the thought of getting into the sea is approached with slightly more apprehension.
oh dear.
i saw buds on the trees today :D
so lets hang in there!!!
spring is going to come soon :)

dream sweetly dear sea gypsies, of tanned skin, shorts and sunshine.

the cure for an average day.

the only way to spend a cold, gloomy and rainy friday night is with many blankets on the couch, chinese take-out sweet/sour pork and endless episodes of downtown abbey.
but for a super duper splendidly brilliant evening, you should skype a dear friend on the other side of the world :) oh yes.
ahh, dear heather.
i miss you all the time- i love remembering our good times here, i love swapping music and doing skype dances and i especially love dreaming about future expeditions and adventures that will still take place.

and for all you cape town okes, who are going to have to weather this insane approaching storm-here is something to keep you happy:


bundle up and drink copious amounts of tea!!!


on nights like this one i re-fall in love with cape town. the rain and clouds from the day make the lights and air so much clearer at night. the ocean dead still, glossy-reflecting all the bright lights that the city throws at it. the clouds lighter and suprisingly white when contrasted against the deep blue sky.

everything is still.no major traffic.no wind.just still.

i imagine other capetonians, huddled under their blanket, grasping a warm cup of something wonderful, staring out over their beautiful city-unable to imagine a more beautiful place to be.

xxxand happy 18th birthday south africa :)


top 1o summer smells :D

1. nivea suncream on salty skin-probably the pinnacle of all summer smells!

2. summer rain…smellls soooo tropical and makes everything look more excited to be alive

3. iced coffee from vida-doesn’t help that it’s right across the rd from my jammie stop!

4. cold salty sea at the end of a hot day, it’s as though the ocean diffuses right into you

5. radox blue sky body wash-it has blue dots in it!!! and makes you feel and smell like you’ve just stepped out of the sea in indo :D

6. braai’ing on a summer night-it makes ALL the neighbours jealous ;)

7. that sweaty grass smell you get at kirstenbosch summer concerts or the green mileĀ  after the 2oceans marathon

8. mangoes! and watermelons!…mmm-sticky faces and pip spitting comps :D

9. ‘alien’, the perfume by Thierry Muglier, lightly sprayed after a cool shower ( which is easily done if your geyser is broken!)

10. the smell of a wetsuit. oh yeah :) seriously, this smell will always be the top!

it’s my birthday week this week!!!

yay :)

hope you all get to celebrate something too.