and then you remember

it's a perfectly calm, contented day today. a slight breeze, clear skies, subtle humming noises. minds are at ease, bodies relaxed, smiles soft.
it's meant to be a day of serenity and repose, where clean, fresh washing is slowly drying and blowing in the breeze and the occasional hibiscus bloom falls from the tree.
it isn't an adventure day so to speak-not in the exciting 'pocket-handkerchief-packed-lunch-sea-gypsy-wetsuit-bright-music-lots-of-friends' sort of way. No, instead it is more of an 'adventure-remembering' day.

Like that time we wandered through the jungle down to the sea, where we swam, dived under waves and were kissed by the sun. Where we wore hats and ate frozen yoghurt. Or the time we found the secret garden, made exciting summer lunches and scrambled up the mountain to watch the sunset and the moon rise.
yes, today is a remembering sort of day.
And it is quite lovely to be able to go about your beautiful, yet slightly more ordinary business remembering those adventures-knowing that there are endless more waiting to be grasped.

Simply not today. X








adventurers, sea nymphs and wild ones.

snap back heart attack, you're just like a ticket to the sun!
i CANNOT describe to you just how happy i've been this last week. summer holidays are the climax of all good things and whilst there is much work to be done, this past week has been pure sea gypsy wander and wonder :)
let me tell you about some of these little pockets of sunshine:
two of my best mates came to fetch me after my last exam-we went to go eat hudsons chickpea burgers-yum :)



i've been loving my runs in the evenings, especially in the warm summer rain...

my little sister is back from uni and we've been loving the beach, the late night series and the crazy dancing!20131110_16474320131108_132743



shortstraw and al bairre played a gig in long street. IT WAS INSANE. we danced like crazzzzzy people!
short straw

there have been saturday morning markets and afternoon picnics at kirstenbosch, napping in the sun-hmmm, how lovely is that.



throwback sea days. like true little seagypies we've been spending days wondering from one beach to the next. staying for a little while-flirting with the waves, letting ourselves be kissed by the sun and then quickly scrambling over the rocks to the repeat the same at the next beach.



the best part is that only good things are too come: longer days, warmer nights, darker skin and lighter hair :)
the adventurers, sea nymphs and wild ones are quite excited about this.


sprinklers in the sea

the ocean was everyones playground today. it was a spontaneous party. no one was invited but everyone was present.the whales were particularly flirty-so many of them.with fits of excitement they were releasing little explosions of white vapour-everywhere. misty fireworks. like sprinklers in the sea. there were shadows, formed by the paragliders, cutting the otherwise un-interrupted sunshine.khayakers sliced through the blue blue water, contouring the coast by sea and us runners were mirroring them on land.
there were longboarders doing tricks in the parking lot- ocean hipsters with white blonde curls, faded levi cutoffs and old maritime tommy hilfiger shirts. there were cyclists, swimmers, surfers. jugglers, ice-cream sellers, bodyboarders.
everyone seemed happy and content. brightly coloured running shoes were like birthday balloons on the coast road, high fives and smiles were exchanged between passing runners, like celebratory greetings and wishes.
on a day like this when inside sunshine has been a struggle to come by, when one is lost inside ones head- the dear atlantic seabord came to the rescue. she gave us sea breezes and rays of light. she threw a party. she showed me how its inhabitants can appreciate and love her-utilise and still respect her. she passed out a hug, she lifted them spirits- promising to celebrate for real in just 2 short days. xxx

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nightime in cape town

like with absolutely everything else, the smells in summer become more vibrant and magical than at any other time of the year.
as the sun sets, warmth lingers in the air and mixes with the fresh ocean breeze and sweet flower scents.
under the orange tree in the back garden blossoms welcome your nose to this: the most wonderful, happy and exciting of all seasons.
the 'wake me up' tropical blue body wash, the staysoft on summer pj's, the smell of clean sheets, lemon/mint rooibos tea and the outside breeze drifting in------>all these beautiful smells quite literally make my insides giggle with happiness and take my mind to the magical land where it dreams sweetly.
may the smell of a cape town night in early summer do the same for you :)


welcome home, sun.

i think she's here. summer. i think she's unpacking and opening up the blinds. i think she's opening the windows and stocking the fridge-cause she's going to stay awhile.
i like it when she first comes back. its like re-falling in love. you remember all the magic that you share. you can make new summer playlists and rediscover your fav frocks. you can haul out the waterbottles and the new sunnies. you get to experience lying in the sun, buying summer mags, smelling warm still nights as though they were your first. you play those tunes that you keep for paradise days-you add new ones. you smile. lots and lots. because every summer is new and fresh and filled with hope and excitement. and somehow, even though you never forget summer, you never quite remember just how incredibly wonderful she is until she's back :)
summer 2013/14 here we come! :)





the sounds of helicopters

there are a certain number of left over 'summer days' that capetown keeps in her pocket at the end of the sunshine season. she stores them away for the depths of winter, knowing that the poor ct souls dont deal with her absence too well. every now and again-she'll play her cards.
these days smell like flowers and sea. the 'yesterday,today,tomorrow' kind of flower and the fresh, salty sea.
they sound like helicopters in the pastel blue sky, birds chirping, buzzing bees and the sound of distant laughter as people are walking, swimming, driving, hiking and mowing their lawns.
it feels like contentment-everything slow, chilled,appreciated and beautiful.
it looks like Bougainvillea's in the garden, coffee's on camps bay main road and sandy feet.
it tastes like pineapple in the garden, pistachio ice cream and homemade lemonade.

its all round good and makes me dream about the days when ct will play her warm sunny cards everyday :)






some of my favourite things:
my flower crown :)
pasta salad picnics
those 3 girls
warm summer afternoons
lying on grass
being lazy
good ol' local music in the form of:
holiday murray
jeremy loops

yep-i was a happy chappy at this, one of the last kirstenbosch summer concerts of the summer.
cant wait till next years ones!!!

happy weekend dear seagypsies!