according to plan

not quite. i've recently been quite bluntly taught that it rarely happens so. our plans. they are filled with our own ambitions and dreams-and those are good. but what do we do when they dont work out? well goodness-its easy to get lost and stuck in your own head.
but then you realise, how wonderful it is that Someone else, who's plans can never fail is drawing out the pathway of your life. and our little roadbumps are just that-little twisty parts. they themselves are part of the plan :)
and then, instead of weariness you feel excited and blessed. excited about how your story will unfold and blessed because goodness, you my dear, have the most incredible and encouraging group of friends, the most wonderful family,the sunshine and sea all around you :)
and with that-here's my first summer playlist on 8tracks :)

hope it makes your ears happy xxx

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{photo from pinterest}


welcome home, sun.

i think she's here. summer. i think she's unpacking and opening up the blinds. i think she's opening the windows and stocking the fridge-cause she's going to stay awhile.
i like it when she first comes back. its like re-falling in love. you remember all the magic that you share. you can make new summer playlists and rediscover your fav frocks. you can haul out the waterbottles and the new sunnies. you get to experience lying in the sun, buying summer mags, smelling warm still nights as though they were your first. you play those tunes that you keep for paradise days-you add new ones. you smile. lots and lots. because every summer is new and fresh and filled with hope and excitement. and somehow, even though you never forget summer, you never quite remember just how incredibly wonderful she is until she's back :)
summer 2013/14 here we come! :)





good things

life is full of good things.
the thing about good things-is sometimes (often-times) we dont realise that they are there or that they are good.
your mind needs to be keeping an eye out for them-and once it does... well then goodness me-good things are all over.
here are some good things:
-red nailpolish. this is indeed a slightly shocking (for me anyway) but a very colourful good thing.
-windless autumn days. they have been frequent and incredible!
-encouraging friends. like little rays of sunshine making your day bright.
-sunsets over the sea. its the time of year-they become even more beautiful in may.
-sisters. they are very very very good things.
- salad. a big bowl of beautiful colours must be good :)
-singing: doing it loudly around the house with a favourite playlist and a bad harmony can be a good thing (As long as everyone else wears earplugs)
-this song is a good thing: penny
-and so is this song: brave
-creation: the ocean. the mountain. the sun. the trees. the chirping is all so AWE-INSPIRINGLY INCREDIBLY good.
-look out for some of your own good things this week-maybe even be a good thing to someone else :)








actually, cape town this morning is saying:
" why hello beautiful darling! i want you to wake up with a smile on your face and excitement for the day. so i am going to make the sky bluer, the sun warmer and the air soo fresh!
i am going to ask the birds to sing sweet tunes and the light to shine onto table mountain in all its pink and yellow glory.
i am going to make you want to put a flower in your hair and wear your costume under your dress! i am going to ensure that the sun follows you throughout the day and constantly makes you smile.
hope you dont mind.

beamingly and with love,
the best city in the world."

let me tell you about my week dear sea gypsies

this week i worked harder on my marine project than i have on anything else in my whole life. it cost me 3 nights of sleep.but it was thrilling-because i wanted to do my best.thats what you do when something is your fight for it.
but every 72hr stay awake deserves a reward....more than just sleep ;)
and my reward was SWEET!!!
the beach with a fellow sea gypsy. long boarding on the clifton roadside...kissing the concrete and stopping traffic :/
suits. hehe.more suits. ahhh. i flipping LOVE suits!!!
sunshine and a summer dress. homemade frozen yoghurt and foster the people.
smelling the with flowers and sunshine and saltwater.
today crisp and wet. so sweet and fresh. like the best of summer and winter have just collided.

perfect weather to be sitting my open windows listening to the rain and learning about fish movement.
have a happy friday dear ones,make it count.