cape town kids

so dear sunshine friends. it has been quite the lovely weekend. filled with many lovely birthday dinners, midnight mcflurries and thai green curries. the loveliest generally is the case- are those lovely people. the ones from close by and the ones from far. the ones going and the ones staying. the new ones and the long lost ones.all of them quite delightful :)

on saturday we did some foody-market-hope street-exploring-with some pretty yummy results :)
we also did some shrooming in the forest for our lunch-all without getting rained upon-successful i'd say!

today the sun came out to play-perfect for a signal hill picnics, funny stories, watching paragliders, cupcakes in jars....and spinach ;)

so. to those dear buddies who are leaving (michelle and heather)- we'll miss your beautiful faces until you
bring them back to our beautiful sunny city. and to those staying....many more adventures ahead i'd say :D

and as always, thank you cape town....for letting us be your kids.


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